The Preppy Hammer


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Is your style preppy, but you love to get you hands dirty and make stuff? Then The Preppy Hammer is the perfect name for your craft business. I envision its new owner loving the classics but still being trendy. But when you pick up a hammer and some paint, unique creations are made. Like many of the business names on Cutting for Business, The Preppy Hammer is ready to sell products of all different types. And of course, the name will grow with you over the years.

This business name is ready for its owner. Included with this sale:

  • Website domain:
  • Facebook Business Page: The Preppy Hammer
  • Instagram handle: thepreppyhammer
  • Pinterest username: thepreppyhammer
  • Etsy Shop Name: The Preppy Hammer

Note: This craft company name will only be sold one time. Once you own it, it will be your unique business name. You will be contacted within 24 hours of purchase by email to make arrangements to get accounts transferred to you.