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Now Open: Clearance Aisle at Cutting for Business

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Retired Content: This content has been retired because everything in the Clearance Aisle at Cutting for Business has sold out! To shop with me, click here.

We’ve been talking Facebook shops most of the week, and I’m thrilled to announce that Cutting for Business now has its very own Facebook shop! I’ll be using my Facebook shop as a clearance aisle for products that I’m looking to clear out from my Amazon listings or my Etsy shop.

Where is the clearance aisle?

You can find the Cutting for Business clearance aisle right on Facebook at this link. Payments are accepted through Paypal using Facebook checkout.

What products might be listed in the clearance aisle?

Open box or overstock Tee Square Its, Logo Grid Its, teflon pillows, and hard copy books.

Happy shopping (and saving!)

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Now Open: Clearance Aisle at Cutting for Business - Cheap and Discount Tee Square It, Logo Grid It, Teflon Pillows -