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Some news out of Pinterest today to share with you: Pinterest is retiring the like button in the coming weeks. I feel like this is a bummer, because I often like pins on Pinterest that I don’t need to come back to – but I want to show support and thanks to the pin owner. But, I think that it makes Pinterest simpler to use because there is no confusion over saving pins and liking pins. When the like button is retired, pins that you have liked will be moved to a private board in your Pinterest profile. Pinterest hasn’t given an official reason for retiring the button.

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Tell me in the comments – will you miss the Pinterest like button?

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20 thoughts on “News: Pinterest Retiring Like Button”

  1. Why do they have to “fix” things that are not “broken”? I too use the like button to show my support for things that I may not ever need to come back to. Think again please Pinterest!

  2. My wife told me about this last week, probably the same day you wrote and scheduled this post, and we talked about it. She has never used it. I’ve used it once, for the same reason you cited, but didn’t know it was going to create what was essentially a board and save the Liked Pin. The reason I didn’t keep on using it, was because I didn’t want a giant disorganized board full of random unrelated stuff. So, I really won’t even notice when it’s gone.

    On the topic of Pinterest.. I HATE the “Tried” option. The only time any has ever clicked that on one of my pins is when I person copied my design (drawing it poorly by hand) and painted it on a sign (also poorly). I don’t know if she did it, because she was confused or if she was just trying to say, “Look I can create it without buying the design”. You can delete comments on a pin, but the only thing you can do in a case like this is to report them… which I didn’t do, because I don’t know that it’s breaking any rules.

  3. I’m bummed about this too – I like things and then go back to them later and research to see if I want to keep them in one of my boards. I guess the private board will accomplish the same thing.

  4. I will TERRIBLY miss the ‘like’ button on Pinterest!!!! 🙁 I often go back to my likes page to further research an idea. If it is something that I want to use, I will pin it. I have more likes than I have pins on boards so I don’t know what I’m going to do without the like button!!

  5. Anyone who has used Pinterest for more than a day I find it hard to believe they were “confused” about Save vs Like. Actually, it used to be PIN vs Like, because it was PINterest, after all. Too different use cases for Pin/Save vs Like: flagging/admiring something, vs wanting to save it to one of your own boards for whatever reason. Now, that ability is removed, and it will force long-time users to have to go through multiple steps to “Like” something—choose a board to put in into—instead of just Liking It.

    And “Tried It” is totally confusing for anything but a product one would buy and try out, or a recipe. So now, Pinterest developers, I AM CONFUSED. Plus increasingly ANNOYED at how you are screwing up an app I used to love spending time with, and which I now find a PITA to use. Just wasted an hour yesterday trying to set up a Private group board for our company’s Pinterest account.

    Goodbye Pinterest. I find Instagram much more rewarding, and I am not confused about Liking vs Bookmarking there.

      1. Same here. Really annoing to take the like button away! Nobody has been confused. There is some business reason for the change.

        Used to love Pinterest
        Finland, Scandinavia

  6. I love Pinterest, I’m on it basically all day because i Like to save pictures and funny qoutes and it helps me gather ideas for my books and also there’s tips I can save. I love it. But then they took away the like button. I have no idea how the like button can be confusing. It had a specific purpose. Either the like button you could quickly save something you’re somewhat interested in without actually have to go and pin it and select a board. Saving to a board takes longer than simply liking something! Now I have this huge board of my likes I’ve had to label “just stuff”. I wish they’d get rid of the “tried it” thing and keep the like button. I have 2k followers and 150 boards and 209k pins. I know what I’m talking about

  7. I am really irritated by this change. I use the Like button to create quick list of pins when I’m doing menu planning or gathering ideas for a party. I like that I can tap/hold and then swipe the little heart quickly without interrupting my search for inspiration. Now there will be an added step of choosing a board to save to. Only one additional step, but why make it more complicated when it’s so streamlined? It will also be more steps to get to the things I have saved, since instead of having a separate category for my liked pins I will now have to navigate through a bunch of boards. I can create a new board for quick- saving things, but then when I want to save things for real later on there will be even more steps since you can’t move pins between boards on the app, only when you’re logged in on a computer. Aargh.

  8. I hate that they removed the like button! I often see things I like, but don’t necessarily want to save to one of my boards. I like it so that Pinterest will continue to show me more things like that item. ????

  9. I hate the idea that the like button has gone, it was my favourite library. Many people are now boycotting Pinterest because of this move.

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