Guest Posts

Any savvy business owner will tell you that they don’t know everything and can’t do everything on their own. This applies to my blog, Cutting for Business, too. I’m always looking for established bloggers that would be able to write articles for this blog. My current needs are:

Photography tips

I’ll be the first to admit it, I’m a horrible photographer. I’m looking for a great photographer to create a post offering advice for at-home crafters to take stunning photographs of their creations. For example, general tips on photographing handmade items, ideas on staging photos to boost sales, creation of a light tent (or similar) at home. I am open to this being a series of articles.

Cutting Business Success Stories

Have you launched a successful at home or brick and mortar cutting business and make a substantial amount of money – or has it changed your lifestyle? Let me know! I’d love to feature you on this website, along with a few of your favorite business tips. You can fill out an application for Featured Friday here.

If you are interested in any of the above articles, or you have a different idea for something else, I invite you to email me directly at Please include links to your current blog or store, as well as a little bit about yourself.