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Etsy Studio: What Is It?

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Retired Content: This content has been retired because Etsy Studio was shut down. It never seemed to take off and only lasted about a year.

The much anticipated Etsy Studio recently launched! Today, I’m going to give you an overview. This post will not be all inclusive – as there is a lot to dig into – but it’ll familiarize you with Etsy Studio.

What is Etsy Studio?

Etsy Studio is Etsy Inc’s newest launch and it is a marketplace for craft supplies. Etsy Studio is a separate website located at Etsy Studio also features craft project tutorials.

How do You List on Etsy Studio?

When you create listings in craft supply categories on Etsy, they will appear on both Etsy and Etsy Studio. This means no extra work on your part! It makes sense to me that in the future, this will change and supplies will only be available on Etsy Studio – but Etsy hasn’t said this.

Tutorials on Etsy Studio

Etsy Studio offers wonderful tutorials to create craft projects. I love that the tutorials are linked to the products you need to complete the project right on Etsy Studio. Unfortunately, Etsy is providing the tutorials and sellers are not able to create and share tutorials. In my opinion, the ability for sellers to provide tutorials on Etsy Studio for the products they sell would have been a great way to build business. I hope Etsy reconsiders this.

If you currently sell supplies on Etsy, take a few minutes to explore Etsy Studio. Let me know in the comments – are you excited or disappointed in the launch of Etsy Studio?

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Etsy Studio: What Is It? - Initial Thoughts by


Thursday 4th of May 2017

I just read through all of Etsy's info on Etsy Studio and can't find any difference (except for the video tutorials). So, I'm not seeing the benefit for the seller. ...or the point. Am I missing something?


Wednesday 10th of May 2017

I agree with Maureen. I'd rather see everything on one site. It would make more sense if Etsy only let sellers list supplies on the new site. Seems like a lot of to do over not a big deal. The site/idea has a lot of potential though!


Sunday 7th of May 2017

Etsy Studio features craft supplies - not finished products.