Cricut Gift Guide 2015

Hello Shopper! If you received a Cricut Wish List from someone you know, use the links below to locate the product your family member or friend would like for Christmas. You can purchase directly from the links provided. Happy holidays! Christine, Blogger (and Santa’s Cricut Helper) at Cutting for Business

Cricut Explore Air
Cricut Explore Air Gold
Cricut Explore One
Cricut Tool Set
Cricut Spatula
Cricut Scoring Stylus
Cricut Deep Cut Blade
Cricut Bluetooth Adapter
12 by 12 Replacement Mat
12 by 24 Replacement Mat
Cricut Pen Set
Replacement Blades
Cricut Carbide Blades
Popular Cartridges
Winter Wonderland
Extreme Fonts
Vinyl Wall Art
Paper Dolls
Ribbons and Rosettes
Flower Shoppe
Mini Books
New Testament
Birthday Bash
Simply Charmed
Calligraphy Collection
Holidays Through the Year
Patterned or Plain Vinyl
Heat Press
Teflon Pillow Set
Tee Square It Alignment Tool
Logo It Alignment Tool
Transfer Paper
Rotary Cutter
Self Healing Craft Mat
Cutterpillar Paper Cutter
Ott Lite
DSLR Camera Bundle
Amazon Gift Card
Amazon Prime Membership

Don’t forget the wrapping paper and tape, and a very happy holiday season to you!

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