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Alright readers, when I stay up late and write a post 6 hours before it goes live – you know it is important! Let’s get to business here. In recent weeks, there have been quite a few scammers over on Amazon – over the weekend it got really bad and there were hundreds of bogus listings in the crafts category along with many others. Let’s talk about this really quick:

How Do You Spot a Scammer on Amazon?

Usually, the scammers have really low prices on high ticket items. Examples: Heat presses for $15, Silhouette Cameos for $50, and huge, huge bundles of vinyl for $5. All you really need to do is ask yourself, “Is this too good to be true?” If you think it is – IT PROBABLY IS!

So, you find a product you are dying to have for a low price. Great! Look up the seller, view their feedback, see how long they have been selling on Amazon, and look at their other products for sale. If the seller has lots of high ticket products for cheap and they “Just Launched” – it’s likely a scam.

Alert: Scams on Amazon - A Must Read for Crafters - by

Also, if a seller has lots of great feedback and has been selling for years, but it suddenly seems that all their products are listed for really (and I mean, really) cheap – it’s also probably too good to be true. They were likely hacked.

Why a “I’ll buy this and just hope this ships for the price listed” mentality is bad.

Now, I’ve seen a lot of people that see a listing, realize it is probably a scam, and buy it anyway – just being hopeful that it will actually ship and that you will actually get the product. This is bad. Please don’t do it. Why? Anyone on Amazon knows that they have amazing customer service, and they will refund you if you don’t receive the product. What you may not know is that sometimes, Amazon has to cover the costs from their own accounts. I know you don’t care where the refund comes from, but look at it this way – the more bogus refunds that Amazon has to provide, the higher their prices will become to cover it. When Amazon has to raise their prices – you’ll end up paying more! One more way to look at it – even if Amazon doesn’t have to cover the refund, their customer service is often contacted. The more customer service resources that are used, the more that they will have to hire. This can also lead to higher prices.

Should You Stop Shopping on Amazon?

In my opinion, no – absolutely not. I’m a proud Amazon Prime member and I will continue to shop there. I’m also a seller (see my listings) and will continue to sell on Amazon. I have no doubt that this is just a hiccup that Amazon will work out.

Get More Information

The forums over at Amazon often have information about scams and scam sellers.

You can find the forums at this link.

And, this running list of scammers that sellers are sharing caught my eye.

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Alert: Scams on Amazon - A Must Read for Crafters - by

18 thoughts on “Alert: Scams on Amazon”

  1. Thanks for this blog Christine. It was very informative (as all your blogs are). It’s nice knowing you got our backs.

  2. I am glad you posted this, and hope that the people who don’t care where the refund comes from, meaning Amazon, realize they are of the same mentality as the original scammers.

    1. Shouldn’t Amazon hire people that are aware of these type of scams in the 1st place so these people can’t sell to Amazon or us? I hate the fact that Amazon is stuck refunding your money but they allowed it to be sold, right? Anyway, it just terrible this is happening !

      1. I believe that Amazon is aware of scams and spams. With any type of corporation, it just takes time for the information to go down the chain. Sadly, it seems that customer service reps are the last to know.

  3. Tried going through the links of fraudulent sites and they come up blank with a massage from Amazon that “no matches were found”. Does this mean that the sites have been shut down?

  4. Thank you, as a seller on Amazon we have to check several times a day to try and prevent scammers from hi-jacking our ads. As a person who does custom only decals this has become a really big problem on Amazon and they are really no help at this time. As most of the scammers set up multiple shops and hit hundreds of other shops for their ads. Most of it is done by computer programs they have and they can do this in minutes. It has really hit our sales this last year costing us thousands in lost orders. Since this is what pays for my Daughters college education. That really hurts. So again Thank You, for drawing attention to the problem. if more people would do so it may help us smaller businesses stay alive and on Amazon.

  5. I can’t believe I might have fallen for one of these scams….after years of shopping/using Amazon!! What should I do? Is the actual scam that they will take my money and I will get nothing?

    1. Correct, You’ll order, you’ll get nothing (although tracking may show that something was delivered to a wrong address), and Amazon will refund you. You should reach out to Amazon if you feel that you’ve been scammed.

  6. Thank you so much for this article. It makes me sad to see how many other crafters think these are legitimate offers and then share the listings on Facebook. Or, just like you said, buy into the mentality that “it’s probably a scam, but I’ll try it anyway”. Lots of good information here!

  7. OMG why are these people so BAD!!! Thank you for sharing and making us aware. I thought Amazon was fool proof and so would have been burned….

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