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Adding Value to Your Products by Using Local Materials

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Making your products stand out from other products on the market that are similar is always something that is talked about online. One way of standing out is by using local materials. When you create with items made locally, you add value to your handmade product. This allows you to not only price your product higher than similar products, but also makes your product distinct.

Let me illustrate this with an example: Christmas is just a few short months away, and handmade wooden signs and home decor made with wood slices are in demand during the winter and holiday months. Many Silhouette and Cricut small business owners create wooden products with pine wood sourced from their local lumber yard or big box hardware store (there is absolutely nothing wrong with this). However, if you live in an area where you can source local wood (like birch wood for those living in the north or northwest) you can raise the price of your item and promote that it is made with locally sourced, high quality wood. (As an aside, birch wood is a higher quality wood that many decorators prefer over pine because of its distinct look and strength.) This same example can also be used with reclaimed wood. In the area I live in, most homes have been built in the last 10 years and we have very few older, wooden structures that are being torn down. Reclaimed wood is nearly impossible for me to find locally, and ridiculously expensive if I can find it. In addition to adding uniqueness to your product, you’ll be able to give a shout out to your local area as well as saving money versus a fellow creator who has to order and have your local product delivered to them.

Wood isn’t the only thing that can be sourced locally. I urge you to rack your brain today and see what local materials you can think of to use in your Silhouette or Cricut crafting business. Get creative! A few months ago, I used my Silhouette to make tags for potpourri sachets I made using local, Florida grown orange peels. In addition to the low cost supply, I got to tell the story of where I got the orange peels. This allowed me to connect with my buyers, plus give them a unique, high quality product.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help kickstart your ideas:

  • What is my region, state, or town “known for”?
  • What can I find in my area that you can’t find anywhere else?
  • What does my region export to other areas?

If you can’t source anything unique locally, consider using supplies that are made in the USA. Many buyers are looking to purchase products made with goods from the USA. When listing your product online, be sure to note in your listing that your item is made from 100% Made in the USA products. Before my savvy readers mention this, yes, you may have to price your item higher than a similar item where the creator used imported items. When selling handmade items, it is okay to not be the cheapest because many customers look for high quality.

What great ideas do you have for locally sourced supplies? Leave a comment telling other readers what you can find locally that can’t be found in other areas – and what you use it for.

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Adding Value to Your Handmade Silhouette Cameo or Cricut Products by Sourcing Local Materials and Supplies -